R&D: Crow on a Pogo Stick

Welcome back to another video check-in from the Alternaversal development workshop. This week, we present you with a look at the development of the Great Cheesy Movie Circus Tour stage set-up. And have you ever wanted to see Crow on a pogo stick? Well, now you can! Check out the video below for more details.


  1. This was really cool; then Joel invoked Jerry Lewis & suddenly it became really AWESOME! ☺️

    Everything is looking so cool; I can’t wait to see it all in real life.

  2. Looks like some cool stuff will be happening on this tour. And will maybe carry over into Season 13??? A girl can hope.

  3. “I’m becoming Jerry Lewis!” never fails to crack me up. This is the fifth time I’ve watched the video just for that bit.

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