Gypsy LIVE Research & Development

Hey, everyone! Welcome to another look into our development workshop. This week we have a look at our maquettes, some more visual development, and even our newly-retooled, stronger, faster, lighter Gypsy puppet! Check out the video below and don’t forget to comment and share using #MST3KLive!

Meeting Crenshaw

Hey, y’all, Joel here again, and things are really progressing at the development workshop. Check out the video below to meet our master fabricator, Crenshaw, as he fires up the laser etching machine to create those wood standees I told you about last week.

All Moved In

Joel, here! It’s our second week at the development workshop – our shop supervisor and chief fabricator, Crenshaw, has moved in all his tool as well as begun work on a model of the set. The writers are concurrently finishing up the riffs and sketches for the first show while we start thinking about the fulfillment of the ideas. Check out the video for more!

Move In day

Joel here! We moved in to our new development workshop for the next live tour on Friday; I grabbed some video to show you what the building looks like along with some reference material and preliminary artwork. It’s really gonna be fun and I can’t wait to show you more as we begin designing the sets, making models, etc. Join us, won’t you?