Checking in from Universal Orlando

Greetings! Welcome to another weekly check-in from the cast of MST3K LIVE: The Great Cheesy Movie Circus Tour. Shortly after Thanksgiving, the cast had the chance to let loose at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL, shortly before going on their holiday break. The tour will be on a brief hiatus until January 15, 2020, but we’d like to thank each and every one of you who joined us in the fall and winter of 2019 to catch Joel on his final tour, and welcome the new road cast into the fold. See you in the new year!


  1. You guys all look like such a fun bunch!
    I cannot wait to see you In San Jose on January 23rd!
    (I’ll be the guy in Joel’s old maroon jumpsuit with Tom Servo!)
    Happy Holidays Awesome MSTie Performers!
    (And say “Hi” to Joel for me!)

  2. I went to the Orlando show and laughed my ass off! I had tickets for me and my wife, who sadly got injured right before the show, so I brought my friend who really enjoyed himself – he didn’t know what to expect, thought he was going to a “concert”. I have been a fan since the early days, and this show really helped me get through cancer back then, loved the Thanksgiving Marathon. I was so impressed with the Orlando show that I treated myself to the Tampa show. I am closer to Tampa, but originally opted for Orlando because I was hesitant to see the karate movie, but, BOTH were equally hilarious to experience these shows with non-stop laughter from the audience was fantastic.

  3. We saw the show that night, so much fun…I’m still laughing ! Glad you guys could have fun too. Hurry back soon!

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