Meet the Cast!

The Great Cheesy Movie Circus Tour officially kicked off this past Saturday in York, PA! We thought now was a good time to introduce you to our new cast and talk to them about what it’s like to bring the show and their characters to life on stage. Check it out in the video below and come see them when they perform in a city near you! Next stop: Northampton, MA!


    1. Dear Jon,

      Thank you for writing! Yes, we have brought some newness to the live version of MST3K, it is true. I hope you come out to see how it all comes together!

  1. It’s all very interesting really fascinating can’t wait to see here in Portland Oregon next year(January) already have seats. But uh where is Jonah Ray Rodrigues? Counting on seeing him as much as seeing Joel!!
    Enjoy the newsletter keep sending those out for sure!
    Cheryl Paxton

    1. Thank you, Cheryl! I am so glad you are enjoying these, we put a lot of care into them. About Jonah, so glad he has a fan in you. He is very supportive of the tour but wasn’t able to head out on this one. Hope you enjoy it nonetheless. Thank you so very much for writing. Sharyl, at Alternaveral

  2. We attended the York show and we’ll be attending the Reading, PA show in March!
    The York show was EXCELLENT!!!
    We’ve been fans since…the BEGINNING (yes, we grew OLD on MST3K!) And are looking forward to seeing you all again in Reading next year!

  3. Looking forward to the Memphis show. I have been a MSTie since season one on HA! I regularly watch MST on PlutoTV, the Joel era are my favorite.

  4. At the show last night in Baltimore (Circus of Horrors) — OMG so funny. Had a wonderful time. I look forward to seeing Jonah again someday on a future tour but this one was all about Joel — and that’s awesome. All the puppets (i.e. humans) are great!

    Looking forward to seeing the other movie in D.C. in a few weeks ….

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