Gypsy LIVE Research & Development

Hey, everyone! Welcome to another look into our development workshop. This week we have a look at our maquettes, some more visual development, and even our newly-retooled, stronger, faster, lighter Gypsy puppet! Check out the video below and don’t forget to comment and share using #MST3KLive!


  1. The new travel friendly Gypsy is just as cute as O.G. Gypsy.

    Got the VIP tickets, so maybe I can get a kiss from Gypsy too? ^_^

    All these rough drafts and artwork for a lot of moving bots is very exciting.

  2. New Gypsy is shaped more like the one I made for my mom now. Her design has been dynamic throughout the seasons. Cambot is definitely the most dynamic bot. There should be a backstory written on why. Was it damaged in a hair brained scheme by Crow to get off the SOL? Did it choke on a VHS tape? Did you just type ERROR: 404 NOT FOUND on a piece of paper and tape it on the lens?

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