Meeting Crenshaw

Hey, y’all, Joel here again, and things are really progressing at the development workshop. Check out the video below to meet our master fabricator, Crenshaw, as he fires up the laser etching machine to create those wood standees I told you about last week.


  1. Aww. I wan’na puppet.

    But nah. I’ve got this othing gig going down. Enjoy and I hope things work out well.

  2. This Crenshaw seems like a much nicer fella than the Crenshaw we saw in MST’s Boggy Creek II.

  3. I know Crenshaw!!! He lived upstairs from me when I lived in Pennsylvania! We fell out of touch but it’s awesome to see him working on this! Tell him to get in touch for when you guys come through the NY/NJ area!!!

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